lørdag den 27. december 2014

Cyprus | SMASH #Vol. 5

Hello everyone,

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. We certainly have in our family, but I must admit that it is perfectly  okay with me to get back to normal again :-D

December has been incredibly busy so it's wonderful to look back on two great vacations back in September and October. As you know we spent a week in Cyprus and today I have more pages from my SMASHbook for you.

The bazaar and Starbucks - two very different worlds

Left: Still in Nicosia. Right: Back in Ayia Napa

We went photoshooting in Ayia Napa

Left: We're having a cold coke. Right: The funfair Luna Park by night

Left: A very rarely selphie of us. Right: Ticket and description of the next daytrip

Now I'll move on to a Christmas layout with my granddaughter. Till then.....


søndag den 7. december 2014

Cyprus | SMASH #vol. 4


On this cold and rainy (at least here in Denmark) December Sunday I'm joining in with some SMASHpages from the warm Cyprus.

Daytrip to Nicosia

We went on a trip up to Nicosia, a city which is seperated between the Greek-Cypriot and Turkish-Cypriot population.

Firstly we visited Cyprus Handicraft Center. I made a pocket from some scrapbooking leftovers for the brochures you could collect at the center.

Tilføj billedtekst

Afterwards we went around in some of the old streets in the Greek-Cypriot part of the city and ended up in the modern part of Nicosia. The modern part is just like every other modern European city but one thing -

.... the Checkpoint to the Turkish occupied part of the city. It's really surreal because you need a visa to cross the border and the Checkpoint is right in the middle of a pedestrian zone. When you came over to the Turkish occupied part of Nicosia it felt as if time had stood still for many many years. We saw the old caravanserai Buyuk Han which todays is transformed into a lively center for the sale of handicrafts, The Selimiye-mosque and the bazaar before leaving for the Greek-Cypriotic part of the city.

The bazaar and coffee at Starbucks

After lunch we had coffee at Starbucks before exploring more of Nicosia.

I hope you enjoy all the Christmas preparations during this busy month.


tirsdag den 2. december 2014

Layout | Nicoline's First Selfies

Hello everyone,

Wow, it's already December again.... I don't really know where the year has gone!! It feels like it is only a couple of months since last Christmas.

Anyway, I'm here with a layout for Nicoline's album.

Nicoline's first selfies

She loves playing around with a camera and sometimes she borrows my old pocket camera. The photos are her very first selfies and I really can't stop smiling when a look at all the funny faces she sometimes makes when there is a camera near her :-)

The word "Selfie" is cut out by hand

This was all for now, I will continue working on my SMASHbook from our wonderful vacation in Majorca.

See you soon with more pages from Cyprus.