mandag den 9. november 2015

Mallorca | Layout #1

Hello again,

Wow, I've finished my very first layout from Mallorca, - the island which we call Our Little Piece of Paradise. The photos are from September 2014 where we spent a week with our family in Alcudia. On the second day in Alcudia we strolled around the lovely marina area. The weather was lovely but a little cloudy, that's why the grayish colors.

The marina area in Alcudia, Mallorca

Because of the colors of the photos I chose to stick to light, dusty colors which I think matches the photos rather well.

What about you, are you getting your travel photos scrapped?
I'm SO excited I got started. It's just like being on the destinations one more time, so why not getting started?

See you when I have finished my next travel layout.