torsdag den 26. juni 2014

Project Life | week

Hi, I really enjoy the only day off for this week. I went shopping, made some daily routines in the house and of course I did some scrapping. I finished the week 22 spread, but today I am here with my Project Life spread for week 21.

Week 21

We changed the dinner plans and wanted to barbecue, but we really did not have anything suitable in the house, so we had what we could find in the house, anyway it was delicious.
Totally empty corridors when I arrive at work at 6:45 a.m.
Our lilac blossoms for the second time.
We went to the election for choice the European Parliament.
I bought a new pocket camera.
Nicoline is shortly in a sulky mood.   


1 kommentar:

  1. Hæ-hæ, synes godt om Nicolines attitude, og morfar, der prøver at mildne situationen ! Man har vel sin mening !
    Tillykke med det nye camera, det er nemt at have med i tasken i stedet for de tunge. - Jeg skriver snart en mail til dig, så du kan høre om min arbejdssituation, der sker ting og sager !!