tirsdag den 11. august 2015

Cyprus | SMASH #11

Hey everyone,

Did you enjoy the summer?
Besides our 2 weeks vacation the summer has been extremely busy at the job. During our vacation we did an amazing roadtrip in Ireland, it is really recommendable.

You might have given up on my blog because of the summer silence, but now I'm back with the very last pages from  my Cyprus SMASHbook.

Drinking coffee in the airport while waiting to boarder

Food and a cold beer on the plane

On our way back to Denmark

I'm still working on my SMASHbook from our family trip to Mallorca last year. I really hope to find the energy to be more creative, and it is my goal to finish the Mallorca SMASH before we are going back to that wonderful island in September. I'm not sure I will succeed, but I will give it a try. Anyway it's better to take time to create a result one is satisfied with than to force things.

Well, this was the end of our Cyprus story, at least with the photos I chose for the SMASHbook. I have saved some of the best photos for layouts, so I'll be back with some travellayouts one day.

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