tirsdag den 6. maj 2014

Project Life | week 14

Hello again, I am here with the first May post and today I am going to show my Project Life spread for week no. 14. The spread is also DT-work for Life In Details where we are hosting a stitching challenge this month. To make it easier you can use machine, hand, or faux stitching! Why not come and play with us?

Week 14

Monday we started our nutrition program where we eat less bread and cakes.
Tuesday I went on a work-related course and was in an evening shift afterwards, it was tough with so many working hours
The replacing of our roof began
Sunday I told Jannie that I missed Nicoline so they stopped by for coffee.

The PL-card where I used stitching

To all you project lifers who pops in from The Mom Creative: You are very welcome over at the Life In Details blog to join our challenge. Maybe you are our next guestdesigner.

See you!


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