mandag den 25. august 2014

Layout | A Proud Little Girl

Hi again everyone,

It has been a while since I made my last blogpost. It has been a very hot and busy summer and I totally lost my mojo
A lot has happened over the summer, for now I can share 2 of the things with you: We said goodbye to our wonderful dog, argh... it was SO tough and we miss him SO much, he will live in our hearts forever that's for sure. Our little granddaughter (2½ years old) broke her leg which gave all of us a lot of challenges since she could not be in the Kindergarten while having a leg in plaster.

Saturday I started 2 weeks vacation and what could be nicer than to start with a lovely crop along with 60 other scrappers? I didn't create that much but I came up with a cover for my vacation-SMASHbook and this layout for Nicolines album.

The photo isn't the very best, but I really think you can see the pride in her face. She came home from Kindergarten with her very first necklace made of giant wooden beads. She was SO proud. I really love this photo.

I will be back soon.


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