lørdag den 13. september 2014

Project Life | Week 23

Hi guys,

Since my last blogpost I have been on 2 weeks vacation. We spent the first week in our summerhouse and the last week we traveled to Cyprus and came back last Monday. We had a great time in Cyprus and took a lot of photos for scrapping. For the first time I was SMASHing while traveling and I created some pages from the first couple of days at the hotel. It was really hot down there and I really enjoyed SMASHing now and then when it was too hot outside and more comfortable inside with the AC running.
I certainly am going to show some of my SMASH pages here when they are ready to publish.

But now on to my Project Life spread for week no. 23. I must admit this is the latest spread I have made, so I have run far, far behind. Maybe I will catch up on it, maybe not - we'll see. The problem is I haven't taken may photos of my daily life lately. I really have to tighten up.

Week no. 23

Well, I will go on working on my SMASH pages.

I am linking up with The Mom Creative Project Life September edition

Have a great Sunday.


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