lørdag den 18. oktober 2014

The Little Things.... | Pink Lady Apples

Hi everyone,

Well, - in my last post I promised  to be back soon, but it has been a while since I posted here. I'm not quite sure anyone has missed me *smiling*.

As some of you might know I started creating layouts of some of the little quite ordinary things in my life which I enjoy very much. The page I'm going to show today is with a photo of what I often eat for breakfast.

I love eating Muesli with the worlds best apples, if you ask me - Pink Lady. Pink Lady apples are also so delicious for a treat and for dessert. YUMMY....

Closeup of the Pink Lady heart

I used the Pink Lady heart from the box they came in as embellishment. Very original I think, and totally free.

Another closeup

Even if we did a trip to Mallorca, Spain 2 weeks ago, the last couple of months has been very busy with much too much work, extra shifts and so on, so lately I did not create any new layouts, but I have only been working on the SMASHbook from our vacation to Cyprus. As soon as the SMASHbook is ready I surely will present it here on the blog, but untill then...

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and take care.


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  1. Åh, hvor fint, og lækker opstilling og de sarte kulører passer jo perfekt !
    Skønt foto af Cæsar i sandkassen på PL'et nedenunder. Og af Nicoline, som ser superartig ud, hi-hi !
    Gæt, hvem der har ferie i næste uge !?