torsdag den 13. november 2014

Cyprus | SMASH #vol. 2

Hello guys,

Today I have a couple more pages from my Cyprus-SMASH for you.

Breakfast on the plane and coffee on the balcony outside our room

We had breakfast on the plane and besides the decent omelet it really wasn't something special :-D

Day 2

Tuesday we went sightseeing in Ayia Napa and started at the old monastery, a beautiful and peaceful place in an area with lots of bars, restaurants and souvenir shops.

The harbour and sunset.

Our long walk ended up at the harbour with small fishing boats and excursion boats lying side by side. On the left page you see a copy of "The Black Pearl" waiting to go on a family pirat-trip.

We just managed to watch the sunset on our way back to the hotel where the dinner was waiting. It only took a couple of minutes before it was totally dark.

This was some of the pages from day 2 in Ayia Napa. 


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