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Cyprus | SMASH #vol. 3

Hi everyone,

Are you ready for more pages from my Cyprus SMASHbook? Anyway, here they come.

Wednesday market in Agia Thekla

Wednesday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. there was a local market in Agia Thekla, so we caught a bus and went out there. We bought nothing but had a lot of fun looking at the stuff they sold. Close to the market there was a small chapel which we had to check out, and suddenly we found this little cave which initially was a holy place for the early Christians.

I made a little book with more photos from the cave

We  paddled a little in the water and went to the small restaurant for refreshments.

The only kind of ice cream available in Agia Thekla

On our way back to Ayia Napa we didn't get off the bus right in time, so we ended out in the middle of nowhere. We really made a lot of fun out of it. We walked and walked until we finally found a bus stop where we waited for the bus back to town.

After that trip... COFFEE PLEASE :-D

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